Dog Treats for Happy Dogs

About Us

Our Story

We started making treats years ago for our dogs, so all our treats are baked with only the highest quality, locally sourced ingredients, including organic flours and our own hens’ eggs. Even the honey is produced right here in Cincinnati. Baking just a pound of treats at a time ensures that our treats are the best, and the ones your best friend deserves! pets dog cake dog treat

Healthy & Happy

Organic  & Local

We strive to keep it in our community, Small business or 

local growers.  

Always looking for natural and wholesome ingredients to used in our treats. If we can not spell it, it does not go in.

Celebrate your Furbaby

Everything you need for a 

Super Puppy Party.   

Cakes, Pup Cakes, Donuts, Waffle Stix & Puppy Lollys.

Only avaiable in and around Cincinnati Ohio